Psalm 91:4

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trying again

Well, I have not done a good job of keeping this going.  This is supposed to be a special place for missionary sisters to connect and share.  I haven't been back in a while.  Well, lets try again.
I was thinking of all you and wondering how you were doing and thought I would try to connect us once again.  Please share it with other sisters.  We missionary ladies can only be understood by others of the same.
Read my entry below and share with us all.

Heart Sings

I was in one of my favorite stores a few months ago.  I found myself wandering from aisle to aisle of the Christmas items.  I find it such fun even though at that time it was a good bit early for it.  But I sooo love Christmas.  And that is a subject for another blog entry.  What is on my mind today is something I noticed that day.  As I looked at all the bright colors, the snowmen, the santas, all the glitter and gold I realized my heart was singing!  Yes, singing.  Looking through all that knowing I could bring joy and celebration to my home and family just made my heart sing.  I had never thought of that feeling before as my heart singing but there is no other way to describe it.  Christmas makes my heart sing.  Later I will share some things said by the young ones that also made my heart sing.  Think about it.  What makes your heart sing??