Psalm 91:4

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Missionary Sisterhood

This blog is for sharing out thoughts and hearts about life as a missionary.  We have unique needs and struggles and we are here to show we are not alone.  I have begun this to try and replace the paper newsletter UNDER HIS WINGS I used to do.  I have had requests for it again and thought perhaps this would be a better alternative.  Until I become a complete computer geek and understand how to make it so you can write your own posts on here, email me anything you would like to publish and I'll post it.  You will, of course, be able to comment on any posts.
If anyone knows how to set these blogs so others can post let me know.  In the mean time become a member of this sisterhood.  A button to join is in the sidebar. Share it! For now the plan is for this to be only missionary women, current or former.  MK's are welcome.  They understand the needs as well.  But only of the female persuasion.  This is just for us gals.  If you know of anyone that would need a paper version mailed to them and there are enough I may start publishing again.  It was going to over 100 women world wide before but I could not keep up with it financially.  Maybe it is time again.
Let all of us hear from you!
Theda Dawson